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The Benefits of Staying Social

The Benefits of Staying Social

Social media is an essential part of ecommerce and, though it has only been around a relatively short time, has a powerful influence on the way we do business. Almost any company you care to name has a thriving social media presence and offers huge benefits and rewards. Here are just some of them;

  • Increased Audience; your website is of course at the heart of your business, but how do you get customers onto it? Internet users spend a great deal of time using social media and much less time on actual websites so it is on these sites that your links need to appear. More visitors translate directly into more sales, increasing your revenue.

  • Improved Commu­nica­tion; social media allows you to connect with your customers more quickly and more directly than ever before. Visitors can leave comments which you can reply to directly, often in a much less formal way than via traditional methods such as email. Other users can see these comments and interact with them, widening your reach and encouraging communication between them.

  • Free Advertising: using social media doesn’t cost a penny, unlike traditional methods. You can fill your facebook page with your products and descriptions, as well as reaching out to the massive Twitter audience regularly with short, succinct pieces of information that can be shared.

  • Modern Image; all modern websites and companies offer a social media option. The Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook logos are an extremely common sight on adver­tise­ments and let the user know that they will be able to use these media to connect with your company. The hashtag has become an ubiquitous symbol and allows you to immediately create a buzz around any phrase or word you choose

Integrating with social media is not a difficult thing to do but it IS a difficult thing to do well. Your company still needs to stand out from the crowd and this is where you need professional assistance that can make sure your social media presence is the best it can be. Where can you get that? Right here at Brick, where we employ a dedicated social media manager.

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