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Still in the Dark Ages?

Still in the Dark Ages?

The entire planet is going mobile, with well over half of all website traffic originating from a mobile device. This is a number that keeps on growing and there are many winners and losers in what has become a race to always be on top of the game. So who is winning, who is losing, and why?

The internet, since its introduction, has consistently grown and that doesn’t look like a trend that’s going to be changing any time soon. As it has grown, it has diversified to allow us to do almost anything, connect with anyone, get any piece of information. It is the central hub to which millions of people live and work; indeed, there are many businesses that exist only online, or could not exist without the internet.

The smartphone revolu­ti­onised everything again and now we think nothing of using our mobile devices to do everything we used to do on a desktop, and more. Mobile websites became of much greater importance but now even these are gradually falling out of favour as people prefer to use applications.

Applications, or apps, are where people spend their time when accessing the internet on a mobile device. Mobile websites are more likely to be used for getting a quick piece of information while a mobile app is the place for in depth browsing and purchasing goods and services. A well-made, properly functional mobile app is what users are looking for and it also helps to foster a better sense of connection with the brand than a mobile website accessed through a browser.

Brick Web Development Company are experts in creating mobile apps that are as effective and powerful as they are simple to use. Achieving this delicate balance is no mean feat and we pour every year of our experience in the internet world into each app we create, making sure that its functionality is reflective of the professional standard of your business and encouraging your visitors to spend more time, and money, on your products and services.

We would love to demonstrate to you the power of our mobile apps and bring you out of the dark ages! You could soon have your very own app and it all starts with a single connection. Contact us TODAY.