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E-Commerce Websites This Christmas - 6 Ways to Shine

E-Commerce Websites This Christmas - 6 Ways to Shine

With Christmas just a few short weeks away, there is little time left to get your e-commerce websites optimised to take advantage of the seasonal buying peak. Here we offer some tips on improving your service for the festive period, which will have beneficial effects to your business that will extend way beyond.

  • Extend your Returns Policy - during Christmastime, an ordinary returns policy may not meet your customers’ needs. Providing an extended returns policy may be associated with slightly higher costs but this is all about PR and customer retention

  • Watch the Weather - winter weather is notorious for causing traffic delays. Keeping a sharp eye on weather predictions and informing your customers as to how deliveries may be affected by it is a courtesy not offered by many ecommerce websites - this will make you stand out from the crowd as a retailer who cares about good service

  • Be Clear on Dates - final delivery dates and last ordering times should be made very clear to your website visitors to avoid disappointment - a Christmas present not received is likely to make that customer never choose your services again. Also, check out the last delivery dates of your competition - can you go a day later?

  • Update your Information - most websites have an ‘About Us’ page, detailing the company’s history, objectives, achievements and more. It is important to ensure that this page is always kept updated, particularly if you are a smaller retailer who wants to get their name out there

  • Offers and Promotions - everyone loves a bargain and never more so than during the festive period. A particularly successful offer is for free delivery and, by imposing a minimum spend, you can cover the costs that this incurs. Bundling products is another great way of upselling

  • Tempt Customers Back - making sure that you keep your customers beyond Christmas can be achieved in many ways, such as by offering a discount at a later date when a particular product is bought or amount spent. Encourage customers to follow your company on social media - ensuring that these channels are always kept fresh, relevant and up to date - so you can always keep in immediate, informal contact with them

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