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Brand Research

Determine client/­prospect hot buttons and pain-points in the market for a company/­product like yours

Uncover marketing/­advertising mediums primarily used by clients/­prospects when searching for a company/­product like yours (trade ads, direct mail, internet search etc.)

Compare your company/­product against 2-3 competitors

Uncover current brand image perceptions of your company/­product

Develop value proposition

Develop positioning

Develop brand promise

Once this value-relati­on­ship is established, both internally and externally, it can be measured, monitored and enhanced pe­ri­odi­cal­ly, as needed, to strengthen your brand’s ef­fec­tive­ness and increase your bottom line. Whether you’re building a new brand or energizing an existing one, Brand Identity Guru’s Inc. Brand-Aid™ Research will maximize the value-re­lati­on­ship between corporate profitability and the perception of your brand.